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Islerya SSD

A Double-Infrared-Based Device For Source To Skin Surface Distance Measurement In Radiotherapy

Source to skin surface distance (SSD) is one of the most frequently used reference parameters for patient setup to verify the depth of treatment for each external beam in clinical radiotherapy. The present tool used for this purpose is the optical distance indicator (ODI) mounted inside medical linear accelerators (Linac; Siemens Medical Solutions Concord, CA). It projects a light ruler onto the surface of the patient's body. In some instances, the ODI is blocked by either the patient or by the immobilization devices, making SSD verification difficult and time consuming. The mechanical front pointer (FP) is usually used for machine checking and calibration. From the standpoint of daily clinical practice, particularly owing to the increasing use of ultra-precise intensity- modulated radiation therapy, new tools for easy and accurate patient setup and SSD measurement are needed. This developed device is a double-infrared-based device for accure measuring of SSD.

This design is for sale including the full source code, hardware implementation details, and all the commercial rights.