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Sinyaller ve Sistemler

  • "Sinyaller ve Sistemler," Orhan Gazi, Sekin Kitapevi
  • "Signals and Systems," Alan V. Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky, Prentice Hall
Reference Texts
  • "MATLAB: An Introduction With Applications," 3rd edition from Gilat
Grading Midterm (30%), Homeworks (30%), and Final (40%)
After exceeding the upper limit of 12 hours, you will fail with "Unattendance". In addition, rejecting doing homeworks will also cause you to fail with "Unattendance".
Week Date Subjects Files
#1 28.09.2012 Basic Concepts None yet
#2 05.10.2012 Starting with Matlab
#3 12.10.2012 Programming in MATLAB
#4 19.10.2012 Basic Signals None yet
#5 02.11.2012 Sampling, Generating Basic Signals using Electrical Circuits None yet
#6 09.11.2012 Energy, Power, Convolution None yet
#7 16.11.2012 Convolution Example using MATLAB, Properties of Systems None yet
#8 23.11.2012 Mid-term Exam and Solutions None yet
#9 30.11.2012 Properties of Systems None yet
#10 07.12.2012 Properties of Systems None yet
#11 14.12.2012 Fourier Transform Presentation
#12 21.12.2012 Applications on Fourier Transform None yet
#13 28.12.2012 Laplace Transform None yet
#14 04.01.2013 Z Transform Presentation