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Student Projects

Yalcin ISLER, PhD
No. Title Assigned to
1 Prostestehtics and Orthesis Technologies for Pets  Zehra Hilal DEMİR 
2 Lower Extermite Prosthetics and Ortheses  You? 
3 Web-Based Software for Heart Rate Variability Analysis  Tanay Buğra ACAN 
4 Controller Design For Respiratory Tracts  You? 
5 Electronic Stethoscope Design  Beray KALUÇ 
6 Wheelchair Control Using Brain Signals  You? 
7 Design Of Mechanically-Braked Toe Finger For Lower Extremity Prosthesis  R E S E R V E D  
8 Design of Auto-Off Headset While Sleeping  R E S E R V E D  
9 Design of a Mechanical Hand Prosthetics  You? 
10 Investigating 3D-Printed Biomedical Lab Devices  Binnur AYDINLI 
11 Investigating LED-Based Surgery Lamp Designs  Şeyma DİZMAN 
12 Investigation of Pyroelectrical Crystal Based X-Ray generators   Saadet Sena EGELİ 
13 Your project proposal. 
P.S. Please contact to get detailed information or to reserve any thesis subject. If you want to offer your own project, however, you should prepare a short description paper containing 100-200 words as a project proposal.