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Student Projects

Yalcin ISLER, PhD
No. Title Requirements Assigned to
1 Molecular Dynamics  Parallel Computing, Perl/Tcl scripting, and Physics.
This will be a colloborative study with Prof. Hiqmet Kamberaj from International Balkan University
2 Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software  Advanced Visual Programming  You? 
3 Integrating Web-Based Course Management System at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Zonguldak Karaelmas University  PHP, Moodle, MySQL  You? 
4 Developing Server-Side Web Applications for Biomedical Signal Analysis  PHP, JAVA, MySQL  You? 
5 Developing Platform-Independent Hospital Information System Software  Server/Client Programming, Database Management, SQL  You? 
6 Developing FPGA- or Microcontroller-Based Biomedical Devices  VHDL-FPGA or Microcontroller-C  You? 
* Your project proposals about Molecular Dynamics, Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, Telemedicine, Medical Device Design, Mathematical Models, Artificial Intelligence, and Automatic Control Systems. 
P.S. Please contact to get detailed information or to reserve any thesis subject. If you want to offer your own project, however, you should prepare a short description paper containing 100-200 words as a project proposal.