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Student Projects

Supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

Group Status Title Assigned to
2018-2 Started  Design Of Mechanically-Braked Toe Finger For Lower Extremity Prosthesis  Mehtap Asena KURUCU
2018-2 Started  Design of Auto-Off Headset While Sleeping  Emre AYDEMIR 
2018-2 Started  Design of a Follow-Up System by Regarding Both Security and Privacy Issues for Alzheimer Patients  Onuralp ARSLAN 
2016-2 Finished  A Radio Design Application to Broadcast the Information About Buses for Visually-Impaired Persons in the Bus Stops  Kamil Onur ALGAN 
2016-2 Finished  Design a White-Light Source Based on Blue Lasers for Surgery Lamps  Davut AKBULUT
Ibrahim KOVAN 

Self-motivated current projects

Group Status Title Assigned to
2018-2 Started  Prostestehtics and Orthesis Technologies for Pets  Zehra Hilal DEMİR 
2018-2 Started  Lower Extremity Prosthetics and Ortheses  Kerime ÖZEL 
2018-2 Started  Web-Based Software for Heart Rate Variability Analysis  Tanay Buğra ACAN 
2018-2 Started  Electronic Stethoscope Design  Beray KALUÇ 
2018-2 Started  Investigating 3D-Printed Biomedical Lab Devices  Binnur AYDINLI 
2018-2 Started  Investigating LED-Based Surgery Lamp Designs  Şeyma DİZMAN 
2018-2 Started  Investigation of Pyroelectrical Crystal Based X-Ray generators   Saadet Sena EGELİ
Co-Supervisor: Alpman MANALP 
2019   Wheelchair Control Using Brain Signals  You? 
2019   Design of a Mechanical Hand Prosthetics  You? 
2019   Controller Design For Respiratory Tracts  You? 
2019   Python-Based Mult-Platform Software for Heart Rate Variability Analysis  You? 
2019 Your project proposal. If you want to offer your own project, however, you should prepare a short description paper containing 100-200 words as a project proposal.
P.S. Please contact me to get information about the actual project list in detail and/or to reserve any thesis subject.