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Course: Technology & Software

Answer to
the most stupid question:
  • Yes, all contents are included in the final exam.
  • Internet
Week Subjects Files
Sep 20 Introduction PDF 
Sep 27 Software Development Cycle PDF 
Oct 4 Internet, Web Design, HTML PDF 
Oct 11 Web Programming Summary, Algorithm, Flow Chart, MVC PDF 
Oct 18 Web Form Example, Hosting, Domain, Publish PDF 
Oct 25 Scratch Programming PDF 
Nov 1 No lecture, sorry :)
Nov 8 Mid-term (14:00 - classes of A101, A103, A105, and B206)  
Nov 15 No lecture, sorry :)
Nov 22 No lecture, sorry :)
Nov 29 Python Programming 1 PDF 
Dec 6 Python Programming 2 PDF 
Dec 13 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning PDF 
Dec 20 No lecture, sorry :)
Jan 3 Final exam (14:00 - classes of A101, A103, A105, and B206)