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A Computer Software For Simulating Passive Dendrite Properties Based On The Cable Theory


In this study, new computer software is introduced for simulating passive dendrite properties based on the cable theory. Dendrites along which the synaptic information is conveyed are the largest component of a neuron in surface area. The Cable theory for dendritic neurons addresses to current flow in a continuous passive dendritic tree. We briefly summarize the cable theory related to passive cables and dendrites which is a useful approximation and an important reference for excitable cases. The computer software proposed can be used to construct user-defined dendritic tree model. The user can define the model in detail, display the constructed dendritic tree, and examine the basic properties of the dendritic tree.


Simulation software.
exp_01.ctf, a sample simulation file.
exp_02.ctf, a sample simulation file.
exp_03.ctf, a sample simulation file.
exp_04.ctf, a sample simulation file.