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BME208: Logic Design and Circuits

Answers to
the most stupid questions:
  • Yes, all contents before the mid-term exam are INCLUDED in the mid-term exam.
  • Yes, all contents are INCLUDED in the final exam.
  • Yes, you MUST COMPLETE all homeworks and lab sessions succesfully.
  • No, you can use your medical report to pretend to join the excuse exam only, not for attendance obligatory.
  • No, I will not give you extra points. You should study more if you may need 1 point more even!
  • H.M. Mano, M.D. Ciletti, "Digital Design", 2007
Reference Texts
  • R.E. Haskell, D.M. Hanna, "Digital Design Using Digilent FPGA Boards", 2012
  • Internet
Grading Midterm (40%), Laboratory (20%) and Final (40%)
  • None yet
Week Subjects Files
#1 Introduction PDF
#2 Binary Systems PDF
#3 Boolean Algebra PDF
#5 Gate-Level Minimization PDF
#5 Gate-Level Minimization Cont'd
#6 Combinational Logic PDF
#7 Combinational Logic Cont'd
#8 Mid-term Exam none yet
#9 Synchronous Sequential Logic I PDF
#10 Synchronous Sequential Logic II PDF
#11 Registers and Counters PDF
#12 FPGA & VHDL with simple gate example On the class
#13 Design Example: Combinational Logic On the class
#14 Design Example: Sequential Logic On the class