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A Computer Software For Simulating Single Compartmental Model Of Neurons


This software package is developed for simulating neurons. Excitable membranes with voltage-gated ionic channels can be modeled by using the software, and current clamp and voltage clamp experiments can be simulated. The program allows user to determine the ionic channel count and set the rate functions of the channels. If the rate functions are not known, the program enables the user to set steady-state and time constant functions. First-order differential equations used to define dynamics of the gate and membrane potential are solved using forward Euler or exponential Euler methods of integration with variable time steps. Outputs of the simulations are shown on spreadsheet template allowing flexible data manipulation and can be graphically displayed.


Simulation software.
exp_01.yii, a sample simulation file.
exp_02.yii, a sample simulation file.
exp_03.yii, a sample simulation file.
exp_04.yii, a sample simulation file.